It starts with a good morning

And with a good night sleep. That's why Mind asks about your sleep the first thing in the morning - so it can learn your sleep patterns and suggest waking time.

Get the day going

It works with your apps, so your favorite workout is waiting in line to stretch out a bit. Or a bit more - there is nothing like a little blood rush in the morning.

There's always someone waiting to hear your voice.

It's not just about texting on messenger. We are social beings, so don't forget about it - hang out with your friends or call your mom once in a while. 

Rate to reflect

And in the end of the day, it asks you how do you feel about the day - so you can stop and reflect for a while, and so it can come up with the ways to make you happy in the future.

Dream well.

Slow down before your bedtime. Set a screen-off time, or practice Mindfulness with a few minutes of deep breathing. Mind also can set an alarm for you, based on your sleep schedule.

See and compare

Look back at your week or month - Mind creates this beautiful, color-coded overview of your past. See a lot of red and blue? Probably walked a lot and met a lot of people. Purple and yellow on the weekends? Yep, that's the catch-up sleep and parties you went to - maybe fill it with a little green to complement the fun.

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