Multidisciplinary designer, creating products or experiences ranging from small fixes to big ideas. Exploring the way we interact with technology and the world around us. Oscillating between hardware, software and liberal arts is where I like to be, so these are some of the projects that speak about what my values are and how do I think and work.


Facebook, once digital space where we could connect, share and talk to each other, has gradually turned into criminal enterprise dividing society, affecting mental health, dismantling communities and becoming a threat to society and democracy itself. Learn why I think we should limit our usage of Facebook and Instagram.


Architect of the City of Nitra - Ing. arch. Viktor Šabík - had stumbled upon my architecture prints I've been offering at Days of Architecture event in Nitra, and soon after that, he called me with an inquiry to print a few more, with an intention to give them away as a gift to architecture and urban planning guests of Nitra's city council.

I wanted to challenge myself and make 5 concepts/ideas in 5 days. The result is five design proposals, ranging from smaller problem solving - like rethinking the iPad multitasking paradigms - to bigger challenges for the future - namely tackling Environmental concerns, envisioning the augmented reality interface, or thinking big about the Education system of tomorrow.

In 2026, the prestigious title of European Capital of Culture will once again be awarded to a Slovak city. And we want that city to be Nitra! We see the ECOC project as a huge opportunity to strengthen the position of culture and creative industry in the city, for our presentation in Europe. But also as way of starting conversations about difficult topics about our city and ourselves - the people of Nitra.

I am part of working group focused on visual art. 

My diploma thesis was about people creating digital personas. I wanted to find out how our curated alter egos affect users' sexuality and dating life. To further specify my focus group, I've taken a look at how gay men interact on Grindr. The findings were - perhaps not surprisingly - disturbing. So the design answer is a disturbing product - inflatable penis, reacting to user's activity on Grindr.

Design and realization of a booth on Manifesto Market in Prague for Fuego - Wild Diner. Fuego specializes in cooking on open fire, which is a powerful element that inspired this design. Black backgrounds provide canvas for central sculptural piece - backlit ceiling installation made of burnt wood, while the wall behind the grill is covered by hand-made mosaic, resembling cracks from which fire is about to emerge.

the year is 2020 and the planet is on the brink of climate catastrophe. The mass extinction of species is in full swing, trees are falling by millions, the air becomes deadly, yet the oil industry responsible for most of the pollution is going on like nothing is happening, even finding new ways to extract the fossil fuels from the earth. The game for the future of our survival is on.



There are no shoes that fit all the people, so there should be no operating system trying to achieve that goal. The same way we change all the time, the devices we use should respond and change with our needs, abilities and preferences too. This is the operating system for the next era of personal computing.

Another little and fun contribution for FLAAM festival, where the main stage is called Kanoe West after the unused kanoe that's been above it for quite some time - we gave it a little bit of love, a little more scrub, fresh coating and hand-painted title in Helvetica Neue.

FLAAM festival in Nitra has spread to 2 days first time this year, and I volunteered to contribute to daytime program with bicycle tour showing the best 20th century architecture around. To save paper, I have prepared this online brochure for participants to look at, or for everyone else interested in local modern architecture.

Mind is an app designed to nudge you towards making most of your day by simple choices that go a long way in making you happy. To move and exercise more, see some friends outside instead of online, find a minute or an hour to calm down and reflect. To sleep and dream more.

To mind your mind.

This is a frame that makes fun of itself. It's kitschy, 3D-printed, quite small but likes to think of itself as a piece of art. You may like it because it resembles you. Or your friend. It is more of a parody of a product, that's why it is disposable - thanks to its compostable PLA structure.

The 3rd and final edition of unlinear lampshades is made of leftover ceramic material as a byproduct of creating unlinear and unlinear S2. You can call it experiment, zero-waste or common sense. I call them fun, swirly and quirky.

Second edition of the unlinear porcelain lampshade, this time in glazed variant - each piece is still different, slightly deformed, as is porcelain's nature.

Porcelain lampshade inspired by a sheet of paper covering the bulb, floating freely in the air, unfolding slowly, revealing the light. Each piece is different, slightly deformed, as is porcelain's nature - unlinear.

Our atelier was awarded Oloveny Dusan in this semester.

There has been a change in the City hall of Nitra that has led me to believe times are changing, and that there is an opportunity to make my hometown better. So I decided to enroll for city council commission for architecture and urbanism, and this is my portfolio showing where do I think change is needed in Nitra.

nemoderne domy architura by juraj kusy
Mind app designed by juraj kusy
quirk oranz.jpg


Launch of accompanied by Big news - I've introduced my digital universe thesis revolving around 2 products, 2 concepts and operating system ready to transform all of your digital life into one coherent experience across the devices we use and will use everyday. 

This building sits in the heart of my hometown - Nitra. It was recently bought by a company that runs a hideous shopping centre in another Slovak city, so I put up this montage together to show fellow residents its qualities and potential. Then I printed these images and put them on the building itself with a list where people can sign to show their agreement with this design. I have yet to see how many of them agree.

Documentary about troubling social and political situation in Hungary. Shot by Kateřina Turečková, student of Film Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, my contribution was to design an environment of a computer game as a narrative for the story.

nominated for Best Czech documentary

at MFDF Ji.hlava

Denník N, one of the most read and respected daily news outlet in Slovakia, featured in Monocle and winner of Newspaper Prize, was celebrating their 15k followers on Instagram and asking for a feedback. After I'd sent my ideas, I was offered a weekly internship to manage it. I did so, reaching about 4000 likes per 6 posts, or 660+ likes/post, which accounts for more than 300% better performance compared to previous 3 weeks.

Prefabricated concrete block apartments were a huge development in socialist countries of Eastern Europe. With their characteristic design, they attract many western architecture enthusiasts, however, the people that inhabit them want to strip the buildings of their past design, mindlessly changing the facades resulting in chaotic environment that looks kitschy, cheap and inconsistent. This case study proposes a system applicable to urban planning in many post-communist cities.

As the largest estate housing complex in Nitra ceases the operation of its heating stations, this case study looks at the options of how to use the current infrastructure in a new way, accommodating needs of people living there 30 years after the estate complex was built.

visual identity and website for a store focused on collecting and reselling the finest pieces of Czechoslovak design, mainly from the 50s, 60s and 70s of 20th century.

under construction

One of the oldest breweries in Czech republic, home of the lager, is relaunching itself by focusing on social aspects of drinking beer.

The result is Foundation Herold with a goal to save its historic buildings to create a community space, museum of addictions and renewed brewery.

big news.jpg
OD PRIOR Nitra juraj kusy
iluze illusion katerina tureckova juraj kusy
dennik n juraj kusy
Kotolne Klokočina Nitra juraj kusy
design culture czechoslovakia
Herold nadační pivo juraj kusy


Holidays of 2017 were the first ones we spent in our new home, so I decided to make some special gifts to my loved ones. One of the most useful and arguably beautiful objects turned out to be this cards stand. Mom is happy that she has a place to put mail in and I am happy that it is no longer all over the place.

Bachelor thesis under supervision of professor and academic sculptor Marian Karel at Faculty of Architecture at Czech Technical University in Prague. Thesis focuses heavily on advancements in digital aspects of design, topics include operating systems, communication tools and the future of transport and education.

My other home and living room - bar Bullerbyn - needed a webpage, so in collaboration with their other designer we built it a virtual home at

My father set out to build a house for our family. The dream came true in the summer of 2017 and my role was to be consulting architect and interior designer. It's been the biggest project I've worked on so far, with many lessons learned, but the result is a house that our family loves and feels good in.

I am a regular in Coffee Room in Prague, so when the people behind it asked me if I would be interested in making a Donut Shop with them it was a simple yes. Located on well-known and lively Jiřího z Podebrad Square, it has quickly became a hot-spot for locals and visitors.

cards stand juraj kusy design
the digital universe by juraj kusy
bullerbyn design by juraj kusy
kusy family house
donut shop prague interior design by juraj kusy

2016 - earlier

Design of a set of glasses and a pitcher for Zichovec brewery. Although my design was not chosen for production, it was an awesome experience working with glass-makers and the prototypes we made are still in use by my friends or family. 

Collaboration with one of my classmates on a design of a door handle worthy of 21st century. We quickly figured that we didn't want to design yet another take on just its form, so we focused more on how we can innovate its function. The result is a simple handle with integrated fingerprint sensor and accompanying interface for setup.

We the students at Czech Technical University love being in between conceptual thinking and the good old hands-on approach. That's why we chose to restore the old tram from 1926 to showcase our works in. 


Winner of Designblok '16 prize for best school presentation.

Simplicity is the highest form of sophistication. Yet what appears to be simple is usually quite complex - like the universe. This is what I kept in mind while designing ASTRO and the result is a set of wooden toys that remind to the kids or kids within us that even though from cosmic perspective we may seem small, together we can do big things - like learning all about those complex stars.

turned/hand filleted beech, parts held together by neodymium magnets, white glossy finish w/ details glowing in the dark

The sculpture symposium organized by our professors has been a beautiful week spent with my classmates surrounded by the trees, that inspired me to honor their meditative qualities. Church of biophilia is a little chapel made out of natural materials - roots, branches, stones, dirt. The roots were coated in fluorescent paint, glowing in the dark, with a cutout to place your head into - so you would be surrounded by glowing roots in 360 degrees view.

Pohoda [Contentment] festival is my favorite event in a year, so I gladly took a challenge to design a poster for their dear tradition - welcoming the Sun. I was in the Top 10, exhibited in the festival complex.

Before Apple has unveiled their Apple Watch, I wanted to try my take on how the digital watch could look like. This design is based on classic circular watch cases, with a ring around the display working as a functional element of interaction.

It's been clear for a while that iPod lineup is slowly fading away. I've used and loved the 6th generation iPod nano and thought its design could be built upon, and the result is a farewell edition of this beloved iPod.

ARRIVA, a DB company, has entered Slovak market in 2014 and wanted a fresh campaign to attract new customers on benefits of public transport. The company liked it, however the city council didn't as the phrase "poď do mňa" ["come at me"] was considered too harsh.

glass set for Zichovec design by juraj kusy
keyless door handle design by juraj kusy and roman wild
Tram 1928 designblok 2016 ČVUT
ASTRO toy designed by juraj kusy Hubble
ASTRO toy designed by juraj kusy Cassini
socharske sympozium Roskopov juraj kusy
vítanie Slnka Pohoda festival
Apple Watch round circular rumor design by juraj kusy
iPod nano concept by juraj kusy
ARRIVA Nitra juraj kusy
ARRIVA Nitra juraj kusy
ARRIVA Nitra juraj kusy
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