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when the oldest medium

meets the newest technology

Think of this concept as a platonic ideal of display-defined portable devices. A sheet of flexible display which would work as a piece of paper - allowing to fold it repeatedly to end up at different form factors. It’s like reading the newspaper - big format offers a big picture, fold it to focus on an article and fold again to dive deeper into a column section. The same analogy could be applied to this device - you unfold it as the space needed for your desired activity expands.

Materials that change their stiffnes under electrostatic effect already exist, foldable OLED displays do too, so this could be ways off, but maybe not as much as many of us would probably think. 

nextForm unfold

Unfold your


Let your fantasy flow across the whole surface of nextForm - there is more room than ever to create music, draw with Pencil, or just wander around Solar system in augmented reality. 

nextForm fold

Fold & focus

...and when you don't need the extra room of the screen, simply fold it to focus on what is important for you at the moment - like writing that overdue paper for school on the attached external keyboard.

Form finally follows function

Different use cases require different form factors. With new technologies, we can finally design a product that is both bigger and smaller, tablet or laptop, with a result that is consistent and not a toaster-refridgerator. 

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