Digital jewelry

to express digital you

nextGem reacts to you in real time, changing its glow

based on the information you want it to express - it can be

your social activity, heart rate, or the outside temperature - so it is

the ultimate fashion accessory, or maybe a way to subtly

hint you are available for a chat at the moment.

Pick a piece.

Make it your own.

One size doesn't fit all, so there are 3 styles to choose from - ring, bracelet or necklace. Choose a matching band and set it up for what you want it to express, making it your own personal gemstone, reflecting you in a new, ever-changing way.


Feeling blue,

thinking green,

battery in the red?

There is a spectrum of emotions, which can be expressed in a spectrum of colors. Embrace them with nextGem - blue can mean it's freezing or that you haven't moved in a while, green glows when you have no notifications and red signals you are busy, or your heart beats fast. Wonder why...

To each their own

With virtually infinite possibilities of how your nextGem looks like, each piece is original thanks to its wearer. Not only can you choose different style, but also nobody but you knows what does its color shifting mean.  

Particle of the digital universe

nextGem is compatible with nextSpace for an easy and convenient charging.

Just put it on its surface overnight for wireless energy refill.

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