iOS redesign concept rethinking nextOS iOS 15 16 iPhone new user interface designed by Juraj Kusy for Apple Alan Dye Mark Gurman

nextOS Design

Designed for you, changes with you.

Everything about nextOS has been reconsidered by how we use our devices. The result is a system where every interaction is more natural. Layouts more personal. Each element more meaningful and responsive. All designed for you to spend less time looking at your screen, and more time doing what you want.

All-new Icons

nextOS introduces a new set of icons. Not only have they been redesigned from ground up to be even more simple and easily readable, they also now change their size based on how much you use the representing app.

Your digital assistant is present across the system, shifting its waveform colors according to the app you are in. Just say its name - the one you choose - to dictate commands, or type them in a text field nearby.

Siri. Or Jarvis. Anywhere.

Immersive Darkness

Redesigned Dark Mode does way more than changing background to black. Each icon has been redrawn, colors adjusted, symbols resized. The result is a completely new experience, resembling free space.

Dynamic Colors

The color palette in nextOS is designed to maximize contrast and provide a smooth transition between light and dark modes - so when you switch between them, it's not just a simple inversion, but another spectrum of colors.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.


Blurring the barrier between hardware and software, new system-wide font San Francisco Rounded fits with the radii of the devices nextOS runs on, while different weights fit different needs - from bold headlines to regular text.


Whether you welcome new features or like to keep it familiar, it is up to you - nextOS lets you choose which new functions you wish to use and which you would rather not.


Designed with future in mind, nextOS is ready to fill the need for a system in product categories that don't even exist. Yet.