understands you,

so you can understand it.

There are no shoes that fit all the people, so there should be no operating system trying to achieve that goal. The same way we change all the time, the devices we use should respond and change with our needs, abilities and preferences too. 

The best interface is no interface.

 Imagine a device which you don't need to know how to use. 

Imagine you could just say or type what you want, with no features hidden deep in the menus. Imagine you don't even have to use your home screen, as it predicts your needs or provides you with surprises  everytime you pick it up.

nextOS understands and learns how you use the device, providing you with a functional, yet ultimately personal experience across all of your digital life.


Home screen

that feels like home

With the new adaptive interface that changes your favorite apps, photos or web bookmarks into homogenous digital nebulas that make for a new kind of hierarchy, easy to navigate and fundamentally personal, as the OS looks for patterns in how you use the device.

Your best digital assistant

is digital you.

Talk or type,

you name it.

Siri is always there listening to you, but now you can type your questions or needs silently as well. And oh, it doesn’t need to be just Siri anymore. You can name your assistant as well, customizing its nature. So Jarvis, Samantha or Hal, you name it.

Get it done

or explore along the way.

Whenever you enter your search queries or wishes into the universal text field, you are presented with suggestions that follow the context of what you type, so you may land at desired destination faster or explore and discover while getting there.

Good assistance comes before you even need it. So anytime you summon Siri, you are presented with an option that you may be looking for - like glances of missed messages, or a shortcut to that album you've been hooked on recently.

Always there, on all your devices.

No matter what device you decide to pick up, you can rely on its ability to show you relevant information at any given time. So if you put your headphones in your ears and raise your phone, the album you were listening to before is just a tap away.

Tailored to you.

When you are in messages, the conversations are positioned not only chronologically, but also dynamically changing in space, subtly showing how often do you interact. Or when you open a web browser, you see clusters of your favorite news, tech, or hobby websites.

Spotlight for the space

nextOS is all about making itself disappear, letting your content shine. So the function elements are reduced to their core meaning, glowing in the free space


With room to grow.

nextOS is designed with a range of products in mind, so you get coherent and consistent experience across all your devices. And because it doesn't rely on rectangular grid, it's free to fit in any form where it might be needed.

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