unlinear at the beach

porcelain lightshades

unlinear porcelain lightshade
unlinear porcelain lightshade

unlinear blossom

porcelain lightshades

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LAME 3D printed frame


translucent & kitschy 3D-printed frame,

compostable corn-scorch plastic

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Gaudi's Barcelona

architecture prints on paper

David print
Sagrada Familia print
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figures listening to HOPELESSNESS by ANOHNI

charcoal & pastel drawings

As the Crisis escalates...

The planet is melting, and so are we. This being the hottest summer across many locations all over the world, the only liquid I find in the vast desert that Europe has became are my tears when looking over the dry horizons and vanishing flora & fauna. Here is some refreshing playlist for your ears, to wipe the tears away for an hour. Listen to Crisis on:

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