Lighter, Better, Faster, Stronger.

Your lightweight companion for heavy lifting is here. Watch Sport packs advanced fitness features and sensors into a smaller, lighter, more colorful and durable design. And its new, magically simple user interface requires little from you, while giving you all the power to lead a more active life.


Focused on your moves.

It is as much a beautiful, minimal watch as it is a fitness accessory. The Watch Sport uses its sensors to show you all the ways you move throughout the day using three simple metrics - Move, Exercise and Stand.

Just go. It's ready and set.

Watch Sport uses its sensors to know when you are exercising, so it starts recording your activity automatically, without you searching for an app to launch. When it senses you are working out, it taps you on the wrist and starts displaying workout metrics.


Your Fitness +1.

Watch Sport and new Fitness+ service work together to make the best out of your moves. Combining workout metrics with its selection of most welcoming and knowledgable trainers turn any place into a state of the art gym.



Watch Sport is water resistant up to 50 meters and dust resistant. So you can dive right in and start tracking your splits and sets in pool, or go sand surfing. The world is your playground.

Keeps an eye on your heart

Heart rate monitor, GPS and accelerometer all work together to deliver you accurate readings of your activity like distance, pace, calories burnt, and heart rate.


Your activity just a tap away.

When you want to see the overview of your daily activity, just raise a wrist. You can switch between Watch and Activity view by a simple double tap on the case.

Choose metrics that move you.

View up to three metrics — like duration, calories, and heart rate — for each workout. You can customize them in the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

Apple Watch Sport Explorer Edition concept apple fitness+ fitness plus watch sport durable colorful concept
Apple Watch Sport Explorer Edition concept apple fitness+ fitness plus watch sport durable colorful concept

Lightweight interactions.

Watch Sport is operated by a simple set of interaction models - double tap to confirm an action or answer a call, cover the case to dismiss, and tap again to wake.

Send messages from your wrist.

When you receive a text, simply double tap and Watch Sport reads it for you on your AirPods. Double tap again to dictate a reply. Message sent. Done.


Squeeze the most out of Siri.

And your digital assistant is always ready at your wrist to help you play music while working out or make a call. Just squeeze the case to activate it, or use Hey Siri.

There is a face for that.

Watch Sport lets you pick from 10 watch faces, each of them redesigned to look crystal clear and legible on its display. You can also customize them, so they show what is relevant to you - like overview of your activity rings, or current weather.


Night and day difference.

The Retina Mono Display changes the tone based on the light conditions around you, so it stays visible and readable at all times - at running track or dance floor, day or night.

Lack of features is a feature.

The simple nature of Watch Sport is by design. Stripped of unnecessary features it remains focused on providing you maximum value with the least possible distractions.

Apple Watch Sport Explorer Edition concept apple fitness+ fitness plus watch sport durable colorful concept

Mix and match.

No matter what you are into or what your style is, Watch Sport is available in virtually limitless number of variations. Choose a case color, pick a strap, then modify the watch face to fit your life.

Design Notes

Learn more about the thinking that went into Watch Sport

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