the year is 2020 and the planet is on the brink of climate catastrophe. the mass extinction of species is in full swing, trees are falling by millions, the air becomes deadly, yet the oil industry responsible for most of the pollution is going on like nothing is happening, even finding new ways to extract the fossil fuels from the earth.

the game for the future of our survival is on.

eat the rich is a board game, where players are divided into 2 teams - Gobblers, whose job is to keep getting richer by preserving fossil fuels business that pollutes the earth, and greens, who want to find ways to keep the planet 

habitable by implementing sustanaable policies to clean up the environment.


The characters playing for either side are chosen according to their objective in the game, so the greens are represented by endangered species, who depend on change in environmental policies, while gobblers are portrayed true to their nature - as invasive species.



each player has cards and some money - gobblers have more $, of course. the cards contain policies or create assets - like regulation of unsustainable practices or building new coal or solar power plants. as in life, each of these costs money and has a carbon footprint. while greens try to get rid of pollution, gobblers happily create it while making money. the game is over once all the pollution is on either side - greens win when they clean up the planet, or gobblers pushed it into catastrophe while they were busy making money.


to keep things interesting, there are action cards - allowing you to attack opponent, or have your investments multiply in value. and again - as in life, there are good news and bad news. like there are good and bad people on both sides...oh wait



the game is still in development, as polishing the details and game dynamics takes time, if you want to be informed about the progress, let me know your email address and i will notify you when it's out and ready to play

wanna try?

if you love board games and would still like to play this before it's released for the public and help me with polishing the game dynamics, then great! let me know your email and i will contact you with the details about the trial kit. mind you, the experience of playing might be a bit rocky, but your feedback will be much appreciated! and yes, you will get a nice discount once the game is ready for the world

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Eat the rich is a result of my university research about climate anxiety. after questionnaires, few rounds of interviews with affected people and many iterations of my design answer to findings of the research, I've landed to this solution - gamifying the problem, dissolve the stress in a board game activity, where you can learn more about what needs to be done to save our biggest ally - the planet. read the whole story in my research portfolio attached in pdf.

Conducted at Czech technical university in Prague, atelier Karel-Safarik, under supervision of Jitka Frouzova and Jan Petrmichl.

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 eat the rich 

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