Twenty years ago, the first iMac redefined what a personal computer means. High-technology, beautiful display, running powerful, yet easy to use Mac OS. All that in a colorful all-in-one package that made it an object of joy. It all stands true to this day, except... Well, the joy is back.

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Beast in the beauty.

Don't let its playful looks deceive you - iMac is still a serious work machine, powered by the new, custom-designed M2 chip, delivering all the power you may or may not need.

Born ready.

Monitor? Check. Keyboard? Check. Trackpad? Check. Speakers? You guessed it - check. iMac is ready to be used out of the box. Just plug in the power cable and do your thing.

Pixel perfect.

Everything looks better on a Retina display, with its one billion colors and 500 nits of brightness. Photos and graphics leap off the screen. Text is supersharp. And True Tone technology makes for a more natural viewing experience 

Charges up, lets you in.

MagSafe charger integrated in the stand makes for a perfect place to charge your iPhone when you are working on iMac. And as soon as your iPhone is charging, iMac knows it's you and logs you in or switches an user account automatically.

iMac is running on the most advanced operating system, nextOS. Packing a whole new design focused on consistency and clarity, with features for everyday and power users.

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Design Notes

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