There are no shoes that fit all the people, so there should be no operating system trying to achieve that goal. The same way we change all the time, the devices we use should respond and change with our needs, abilities and preferences too. 


A whole new look. At how you use your devices.

nextOS introduces a bold new look that is more personal than ever, changing based on the time of the day or the usage of apps – so the information you see is more relevant to you.

The best interface is no interface.

Imagine you could just say or type what you want, with no features hidden in the menus. Imagine you don't even have to use your home screen, as the device predicts your needs every time you pick it up.​ nextOS learns and understands how you use the device, providing you with a functional, yet ultimately personal experience.


Change is the only constant.

Wouldn't it be nice to get quick access to your favorite news and workout routine in the morning, or a shortcut to new episode of a podcast on your way to a meeting? How about setting an alarm with one click instead of calculating how many hours of sleep you want to get? In nextOS, it's all just a tap away.


Always there, always ready.

No matter what you are about to do, you can rely on Siri to help you accomplish any goal. Search, text to a friend or find that hidden setting – it's ready to help you finish the tasks in all of your apps.

Talk or type, you name it.

When you start typing your commands, Siri understands the context, whether it's a search or a task. So you can just write what kind of music do you feel like and it will deliver you relevant picks as you type. And oh, it doesn't need to be just Siri anymore – Jarvis, Samantha, or HAL – you name it.


Feels like home.

nextOS lets you make your Home Screen feel like home – put apps, widgets, or folders wherever you like. You can now also make custom Spaces – create a page for work, where you have all the tools, docs and apps needed, and set it to switch automatically into your personal space when you are not working anymore.

Design is how it works like.

nextOS has been redesigned from the ground up to be more intuitive, clear and understandable. It may sound trivial – buttons look like buttons, lights and shadows make for a naturally comprehensive hierarchy, icons are visually distinctive, and everything across the system is more consistent – which means you don't have to look for options and features, but find them exactly where you think they are.


If there was one word summing up the design principles of nextOS, it would be clarity. Clarity in consistently defined elements, buttons that behave like their physical counterparts and natural lights and shadows.

iOS redesign unified OS concept 3D material neumorphism iOS rethinking iPadOS widgets nextOS iOS 15 16 Siri iPhone iPad multitasking concept MacOS new interface designed by Juraj Kusy for Apple

Ain't no detail small enough.

The everyday apps have also been redesigned – like the new Calculator or Weather app, which is a joy to use and observe the changes outside reflected on your screen.



Power of iPad has been unleashed with the new Multitasking interface that is familiar, yet all-new. See all of your open apps, switch between them naturally, or create Workspaces of you favorite workflows.

Learn more about new Multitasking on iPad

Designed with your mind in mind.

nextOS brings little tweaks that go a long way in making you live a healthier life – with or without your devices. New features – like Eye Strain, which reminds you to take a break from looking at your screen, Grouped Alerts make the annoying multiple notification sounds go away to help you focus, or Scroll Time which informs you how much time have you spent doom-scrolling on Facebook – aim to reduce the digital noise in your life.

Learn more about Mindful features in nextOS

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