Mind your mind

Healthy mind means healthy body.

Kalos kai agathos. The Greeks understood the importance of a Sound Mind in a Sound Body.

However, modern living is causing our bodies and minds to short-circuit.

Mindfulness is about simple daily lifestyle choices. About cycling or walking to work instead of driving. About calling your mom and not hesitate to ask her how she copes with life.


About taking a deep breath when you feel overwhelmed.

The power of mind.

At your fingertips.

Mind is designed to nudge you towards making most of your day by simple choices that go a long way in making you happy.


To move and exercise more, see some friends outside instead of online, find a minute or an hour to calm down and reflect. To sleep and dream more.

Know more about how you spend your time. And how to spend it well.

Move a little. And then a little more. Get some Exercise now and then. Go and see movies with friends to Entertain yourselves. Stay Mindful for a while and feel free to do nothing but breathe. Remember human being is a Social being and that you and your family or friends are bound to each other. And finally, have a good night Sleep.

See your

day in color

Each day brings something new, so your Today card is always a little different. See a lot of red and orange? You move a lot, bravo!

Purple and yellow? Chill.

Never run out of ideas what to do.

Mind suggests things you may want to do when it seems like there is long-term lack of balance in your activity

But feel free to do nothing.

It also encourages you to do slow down, especially when you tend to use your phone excessively for no reason.

See the bigger picture.

Look back at your week or a month - Mind creates this beautiful, color-coded overview of your days.

To each

their own.

Quiet if you want it to be...

It also asks about how often you want it to nudge you and how frank or formal should it be.

...bitchy if you can take it

When you first launch Mind, it asks you about the things you like to do, so the cards you get are relevant and personal.

Not everything is as dark as it seems*

Mind is ready for dark mode, which is easier on your eyes and battery too. Plus, there are cookies on the Darkside.

*and when the going gets tough, there is always help

A professional help is just a tap away when you need it most. You will be anonymously connected to people from participating NGOs specialized and licensed in mental health, sou you can chat or call with a person who doesn’t know you nor judge.

since you are here...

I have a small favour to ask - if you are an app developer or can recommend a good one that would like to make this concept a reality, please do write me an email or contact me otherwise.

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