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Designed with you in mind

nextOS comes with a range of features focused on improving both your physical and mental health. Preventing you from doomscrolling, reducing eye-strain, or letting you see how you spend your time and hinting on how to spend it well.


Scroll Time

Scroll Time notif.png

Ever catch yourself mindlessly scrolling through your infinite Facebook feed, with no interactions at all? Scroll Time is designed to prevent you from this behavior, notifying you after the time frame that you set up in Screen Time settings.

Eye Icon.png

Eye Break

eye break.png

nextOS now also notifies you when you've been looking at your screen for too long, as it may be harmful to your vision. It is widely suggested to take eye breaks and look away from the screen for a while, focusing into the distance. So you can retain healthy sight for longer.


Grouped Alerts


Everyone has that friend that can't contain all their thoughts into one message, so your phone or watch buzz over and over again for a few minutes. nextOS now merges the alerts, so your device buzzes only once, instead of every time another message comes in a short time span.

Screen Time.png

Screen Time

Time Limits.png

You can now exclude the time you spend communicating inside the app that you have set time limit for. So when you are messaging or calling to your friends, Time Limit alert won't interrupt your chat.

Mind Icon.png


Today text.png

Mind is designed to nudge you towards making most of your day by simple choices that go a long way in making you happy. To move and exercise more, see some friends outside instead of online, find a minute or an hour to calm down and reflect. And to sleep and dream more.

Learn more about Mind

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