Understands you,

so you can understand it

There are no shoes that fit all the people, so there should be no operating system trying to achieve that goal. The same way we change all the time, the devices we use should respond and change with our needs, abilities and preferences too. 

A whole new look. At how you use your devices.

nextOS introduces a bold new look that is more personal than ever, changing based on the time of the day or the usage of apps, so the information you see is most relevant at any moment.

The best interface is no interface.

Imagine you could just say or type what you want, with no features hidden in the menus. Imagine you don't even have to use your home screen, as the device predicts your needs every time you pick it up.​ nextOS learns and understands how you use the device, providing you a functional, yet ultimately personal experience.

Change is the only constant.

Wouldn't it be nice to get quick access to your favorite news and workout routine in the morning, or a shortcut to new episode of a podcast on your way to a meeting? How about setting an alarm with one click instead of calculating how many hours of sleep you want to get? In nextOS, it's all just a tap away.

Welcome home.

New Home Screen changes with your usage of apps. If you check the weather and calendar when you wake up, their icons are bigger in the morning, so you can find them easily. And the new grouping feature sorts apps into clusters based on their function - like Media, Communication or Work.

Always there, in all your apps.

No matter what you are about to do, you can rely on nextOS to help you accomplish that goal. Search, text to a friend or find music based on your keywords, it's ready.

Talk or type, you name it.

When you start typing your commands, Siri understands the desired outcome, whether it's a search or text. And oh, it doesn't need to be just Siri anymore - Jarvis, Samantha, or HAL - you name it.

Lights out, glow on.

Dark Mode is redesigned with a dramatic look, making it easier on your eyes at night, while also saving your battery. You can turn it on manually, or let it take over automatically after the sunset.

Ready for all screens.

Day and night.


With room to grow.

nextOS is designed with a range of products in mind, so you get coherent and consistent experience across all your devices. And because it doesn't rely on rectangular grid, it's free to fit in any form where it might be needed in the future.