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Examples of my work from recent history in traditional medium - print. Some of the works are portfolios for school projects, some of them have been used as portfolios for potential employers and some have been made for friends who were looking for a job.

Climate anciety_Cover.jpg

Climate anxiety - research report

Portfolio presenting the research and subsequent design process focused on a phenomenon of climate anxiety. This being a work in progress, there is no English version yet.

Czech Technical University in Prague, 1/2020, grade A+

(click on images to download PDF)

Mind portfolio_juraj kusy.jpg


Mind is designed to nudge you towards making most of your day by simple choices that go a long way in making you happy. 

To move and exercise more, see some friends outside instead of online, find a minute or an hour to calm down and reflect. To sleep and dream more.

for web presentation click here.

Czech Technical University in Prague, 5/2019, grade A


Concept ARA

We’ve never been closer to merging the digital and physical worlds. Still, there is more questions than answers. Is it going to be VR? AR? MR? What are all these realities and what’s the use?

To answer the question, let’s look at the purpose of glasses - it’s about enhancing vision - to see more, see better, even.

Czech Technical University in Prague, 5/2019

LAME_juraj kusy.jpg


This product makes fun of itself. It's kitschy, 3D-printed, quite small but likes to think of itself as a piece of art. More like a parody of a product, that's why it is disposable - thanks to its compostable PLA structure. Portfolio made at 1AM was pure joy to make as well.  Lame, but lively.

Czech Technical University in Prague, 5/2019



Porcelain lampshade inspired by a sheet of paper covering the bulb, floating freely in the air, unfolding slowly, revealing the light. Each piece is different, slightly deformed, as is porcelain itself - unlinear.

for web presentation, click here.

Czech Technical University in Prague, 1/2019, Atelier Streit, won student prize Olověný Dušan


Camper Camp application

Portfolio for an internship at shoe company Camper presenting my friend's work in photography. Eclectic, young, colorful and concise presentation of his great work resulted in him getting the internship.

Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, 1/2019, Jakub Delibalta, successful application

SKODA_juraj kusy.jpg

ŠKODA Design

During my gap year between bachelor's and master's degree studies, I was applying for a job at traditional Czech automaker - ŠKODA. Selected for interview, later rejected because of my intention to apply for master's degree the following year.

for web presentation click here

application for SKODA Design, Prague, 9/2017, selected for interview

IKEA Catalogue_juraj kusy.jpg

IKEA catalogue

During my gap year, I was also applying for a job at IKEA. This portfolio attached to my resume granted me a job interview, leading to my role as Interior Designer responsible for implementing digital tools in co-workers' workflow.

application for IKEA, Prague, 9/2017, successful application

the digital universe_juraj kusy.jpg

the digital universe

My bachelor thesis - manifesto reflecting on a changing role of design in everyday objects, considering aspects big and small. The founding stone of most things I've designed and iterated ever since. 

Bachelor thesis, Design at Czech Technical University in Prague, 6/2018, grade A

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